Bring back Start Edit and Stop Edit

04-28-2021 04:47 AM
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Bring back the use of Start Edit and Stop Edit and having to use the SAVE option to save edits.

I don't know how much of an explanation or what kind of explanation to give for this suggestion, it really is just common sense. 

The user should have to make the conscious decision to start editing.  Many edit functions can be done and the there is no UNDO, there is no option to discard or save your edits.  They are simply automatically saved.


This is already implemented:




Hi Robert,

You can Enable / Disable editing from the editing options:


To get this:



Learn more here:

Do you really need it? when you edit a word document you do not have to declare that you start editing. If you edit in a version you can easily delete it. Most layers require you to actively save or discard your edits. 




Thank you


But how about an option to NOT save edits. I turned it on and when I turned it off it automatically kept the edits. 


I have automatic saves turned off. I just made some edits and was prompted I needed to turn editing on in order to do it.  I made a geometry up date.  Save and Discard are greyed out. 

So let me rephrase my idea. Make Editing behave exactly as it does in ArcMap. 

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thank you for submitting the idea @RobertBorchert 

What is the data source for your edits?  e.g. shapefile, file geodatabase, versioned/non-versioned enterprise geodatabase feature class?  If the latter, there is 

I think we need to understand this before we know whether this is a valid new idea, or requesting the same thing as the idea referenced above.

Thank you.


Oracle Enterprise Geodatabase. Un-versioned. 


And File Geodatabases 

and yes it is the same as that four year old idea.

Status changed to: Closed

Thank you for the clarification, Robert.  Please be sure to add your support to the existing idea.  It is something that development teams will be looking at for Pro in a future release and we'll update its status work happens.

Thanks again