Bring back "Add Spatial Database Connection" in Arc 10.1

09-27-2012 04:07 AM
Status: Open
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At Arc 10.1, "Add Spatial Database Connection" has been replaced with a more generic "Add Database Connection".

Whilst I appreciate this is better for connnecting directly to different types of databases, it means users can no longer easily create a new connection to an ArcSDE service.

To quote the 10.1 help:

"If you have connection files that were created prior to 10.1, they will still work. However, if you need to create a new connection to your geodatabase using an ArcSDE service, use the Create ArcSDE Connection File geoprocessing tool."

This is a much more long-winded process - some this simple should not require the use of a tool. Moreover, you cannot "Test Connection" like you used to be able to.

Alternatively, "ArcSDE" could be added to the list of possible options in the "Add Database Connection" drop-down.

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This is a pretty big deal. I have not used 10.1 yet, but loosing this feature is not good.
The loss of the Test connection button is a pain.  But the loss of the ability to set the version makes this new function almost useless for us.  Our editors only access their own version in each database and having to jump around to different dialogs just to set this for each of them is going to be a pain in the...
Why it has to be so complicated. Please! If not keep it simple then atleast keep it the same.
I may have not upgraded to 10.1 if I knew this was the case. Pleas bring back the 'Add Spatial Database connection' tool.
How annoying! Less Is More?