Bring back Pick Address from map in new Locators

09-29-2021 01:36 PM
Status: Open
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I am transiting from ArcMap and Geocoders to ArcPro and Locators.  Easy enough to follow. Back in the old days of Geocoders in ArcMap during the rematch address process you could pick an address from the map. And it would, wait for it, allow you to pick an address from the feature class that you based your geocoder on and match it to the unmatched ( or miss-matched) result.  From what I can tell in ArcPro and the new Locator you can only pick a point from the map and an x,y location is matched to your result. Sure this gets the job done but It doesn't help with trying to correct the incoming data. When an address is properly matched the associated attribute information is matched too. A map point will help me once but a match to the address will help me correct the data.