Better Topology Validation Methods

08-31-2016 07:11 AM
Status: Open
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This has, for me at least, been an ongoing issue with large datasets with complicated geometries. Presently, if you have to Validate a Topology, you have two choices, either to Validate a Map Topology (which does not do much for enterprise operations), or you can Validate the Topology completely, either from the Map, or Geoprocessing.


I would propose, either from ArcCatalog, or even from the Map, to allow to only Validate a specific rule, instead of all of them. The thinking behind this, if you have ever run into this with a fresh topology, is if you exceed ArcCatalogs or Geoprocessings ability to count Topology Errors (50,000 I believe was the last number I came across), it will fail. This is not helpful at all, especially since the errors generated only tell you that failure occurs, not which topology was counting up so many errors. Add on to that if failure occurs, none of the validation to that point is stored, thus losing all of that time.


To keep this shorter, here is my list of things that could improve Topology as a whole.

  • Allow Topology in Geodatabase to be verified as One, Multiple, or All Rules (especially helpful in scripting/geoprocessing)
  • Allow Map or Pro Option to Validate Geodatabase Topology as One, Multiple, or All Rules
  • Better Error Handling when Topology Validation Fails
  • Better way to step through Topology Validation (presently if you want to do this, you can script an active map, otherwise, you only have Geoprocessing or ArcCatalog to bulk Validate)
  • Allow Topology Validation to not have a threshold, or an option to Validate in "Error Chunks" to prevent time lost on bulk Validation
  • Allow Topology Validation to have a timeout option (you would not believe how often this would be nice to have, I had one recently take 21 hours to complete on a mile square area)


TL:DR Better Topology Validation Please!