Better performence when adding large content in ArcGIS Pro

03-30-2020 06:01 PM
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When adding a large content, actually any content into ArcGIS Pro, it will stop response for a very long time, just like this. It's really annoying and not convenient.

The computer already is high end. The same module in 3dsmax is very smooth and even without waitting time. But in ArcGIS Pro, the status above will be for like 10 minutes.

Actually that status appears whenever the software is busy and jammed, and you can't do anything but wait.

Please do something, Thank you.


It looks like you're adding content to a local scene.  What kind of content, and would you be able to share it with the ArcGIS Pro development team?

When you add the same content to 3ds Max, you say that there is no waiting time.  Can you provide specifics?  For example, does it render in 1 second, 5 seconds, too fast to time, etc.?

Thank you!


Hello Kory,

It's a general and overbroad comparation, not quantized specific. I raise that to prove it's not my computer's fault.  It's only a model of some buildings, originally in .max format, export to .obj and using Import 3D Files tool into ArcGIS Pro. And ArcGIS Pro is in particularly disadvantage if complex model with lots small parts.

It will be much better if we create a scene layer package out of it. After adding data, ArcGIS Pro could give an instance display. So my guess is, for multipatch, ArcGIS Pro try to render every piece of it at the same time, and stay busy and jammed until finish. But for SLPK, it only render what we need to see, first level of LoD.


All I ask is:

  1. Faster loading and rendering 
  2. Do the job background and keep the interface active so we can use this time to do something, not just sit here watching and wait. 
  3. When we click the cancel button, kill the process at once, and try not to kill the entire software with unsave project

Thank you.


Thank you for the additional details, Karl.  It's my understanding that scene layers are the ArcGIS Pro solution to quickly rendering large 3D content.  We'll share your list with the development teams.

Thanks again!