Better legend symbol representation for rasters overlaid with transparency

07-21-2014 02:09 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
I often have to display multiple rasters in a map.  Usually one is the base data raster showing the full extent of the study area and the other(s) are additional data layers that cover some portion of the study area (e.g. base data layer of deforestation in coastal west African countries overlaid by partially transparent STRM based zones of sea level rise).  It would be helpful if the colors created by the transparent overlay could be represented in the legend.
If you have 10.2 and I think it was available in 10.1 then go to the data frame properties > general tab and at the bottom you'll see "simulate layer transparency in legends" tick that on.
Thanks for the suggestion and I do use that option, but it does not address the issue I have which is with representing the combination of colors that result when one layer is displayed with transparency over another layer. As an example (I would never actually do this but it illustrates the point), if you have a blue scale topography layer and overlay zones of sea level rise in transparent red scale (which visualizes more pink-like), some overlapping areas will be a color that is neither red nor blue.  In fact they will appear greyish.  This greyish color is not going to appear in the legend without some graphic manipulation.

In ArcGIS, the Contents pane automatically shows the transparency in the Legend. I do not remember which version of Pro this started, but it is in the latest release.  If this is still not working in Pro for you, please let us know which version of Pro you are using.