Better Layout Composer - Forms, Transparency, Fills

08-24-2010 04:01 AM
Status: Implemented
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Improve layout composing capabilities with up-to-date functionality, like more built-in shapes (rounded corners rectangle, etc.), transparency (0-100%), gradient fills, image fills, etc.

Today if you want to print a simple poster with a map you can not do a good enough job with ArcMap alone, and I'm not talking of pro level. And it would be simple to improve that.
Please add rounding to shapes at least.  If the rounding functionality is added like the dataframe already has, it would be nice if using the same rounding percentage actually gave you the same amount of round on different rectangles.
It is also worse than pathetic that ArcGIS (as of version 9.3.1) in 2011 does not support alpha transparency for pictures, symbols, icons, et cetera.  My flex map looks gorgeous because the symbols used by the widgets are not ESRI symbols and support transparency, but try printing that map and it looks awful because of the no alpha transparency limitation of ArcObjects.  BMP's  really?  I mean come on... Who else uses bitmaps in this age?  I hope they fixed this in v10.  

Every time I run across the lack of gradient color to transparent functionality I become irritated. It forces one to do a time consuming work around in Arc or export it to Photoshop (or the like) for the final bit of cartography. Also when making a buffer gradient please add a an option to select a linear distance instead of just a % of the shape. That why smaller and larger polygons can have the same symbology with in a feature class.

Status changed to: Implemented

Additional shapes like rounded rectangles are available in ArcGIS Pro 2.9. ArcGIS Pro layout graphics support a wide range of symbologies, including fills and transparent colors.