Better Feedback for the "Create Map Tile Package" Geoprocessing Tool

02-25-2021 08:00 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, while building a map tile package the geoprocessing tool gives feedback as a progress bar with the percent complete in written format:


The problem is, it shows 100% complete, but the process is still running. Creating a tile package in ArcMap gave us very clear feedback of the progress - which scale level was currently being processed with how many left to go.

Can we please get the same feedback in Pro?

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@JeffWard  I've noticed the same sort of thing on many different tools in Pro.  Sometimes it'll hang at 4% or so for the longest while and then pop to 100% and keep grinding away.  I posted something about  more than a year ago and got a response that it was on my end, and not in Pro. (I didn't buy it, but sometimes a guy has to choose his battles!)