Better Access to Metadata in ArcGIS Desktop

07-16-2013 03:30 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
There's a lot of push for Metadata use these days, but when you're in ArcMap (not Catalog), it's frustrating to not have quick access to understanding feature layers that you're adding to a project.  Why not install a full "View Metadata" right under "Data >" in the feature layer context menu (right click)?  Right now, you can right click, go to Data, then choose View Description and then find out that all you have is a lame short summary which rarely tells you anything at all (another issue about metadata...).  While you can change this by using Customize and choosing a full metadata view, why isn't the full metadata view (which starts with a summary anyway) the default, if metadata is so all-important? It's dumbing down important functions - fine for Explorer, but this is ArcGIS Desktop for heaven's sake..    

It turns out you can jimmy this yourself but using Customize/Context menus/Feature layer menu, blah, blah - but that's just wrong, if metadata is such a big deal.  We should start with it, not have to dig way down to find it. 

Thanks for considering this.