Be able to save which layers are on/off, symbology, labeling, and layer order.

08-27-2010 11:35 AM
Status: Open
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In AutoCAD, there is the ability to define a "Layer State," which for the data frame defines symbology, labels, what's on/off. This is really useful to set up exactly what you'd like the finished map to look like, but gives you the ability to go back and mess around with data layers, without having to remember what's supposed to be on/off, etc.


I agree this is a good idea. This functionality is currently available in the Production Mapping extension in something called "Views."  You set up your layers the way you want, symbology, label properties, toggle on/off layers and you can save all of this as a View. Then whenever you want you can recall the entire view, or just the properties from that view that you want to apply to your current map.

Aren't layer files in ArcGIS designed to do this?  What am I not understanding?
I think it's great, it makes it very easy to have different layouts, for different tasks or projects!

Everything but layer order (a property of the data frame) is already saved with the layer. But I think what your asking for is some better way to have an archetype layer with instances that are slightly different, and that these state differences are easily documentable. For example, a particular class of labels is usally turned off for small-scale mapping or for presentations.

It would be very appreciated. Mainly layer's visibility and selectability, because ArcMap doesn't care about undoing such things. In complex maps it is impossible to remember each layer settings or manually check each on and off. Proposed idea would bring more freedom to map creation and management. Another good example in AutoCAD (for inspiration) is specialized Undo/Redo functionality: besides global Undo AutoCAD provides also partial Undo functionality for block of commands e.g. Layer Previous, Previous View (same as ArcGIS), UCS Previous etc.