Batch Set From/To & M's

10-25-2010 08:08 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like the ability to batch set from/to and m-values directly in arcmap.  In 9.3.1 I simply used a VBA script on the [Shape] field to complete this task.  Since this is no longer supported I cannot perform this action in Arc 10.  My production database is comprised of over 60,000 miles of route features and each feature must have values calculated based on the adjacent feature's vertex value.  In the past the calculations were done in the attribute table and the VBA task was run in batch mode on all selected features to embed from/to values for upwards of 1000 features at a time.  Performing this action individually for each 1000 features is not feasible.  Support had recommended using the Create Routes tool to update the values but this is also not feasible due to the complexity of my production database.