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Batch process ArcGIS Pro - whole folder - like Photoshop

10-09-2019 03:01 PM
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Photoshop has a batch process that takes files in a folder and completes the process on each item. Would Esri make this standard for batch processing? It would make OUR life so much easier. 


Batch geoprocessing—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

What tool(s) are you trying to batch?  While it won't accept a folder as input, you can browse to the folder and Ctrl+A to add all the folder's contents.  Have you tried that?


Hello Michelle,

Are you aware of iterators in ModelBuilder? They may just get you where you want to go.

There is Iterate Files that takes a folder as input. Several others do as well.

Note only 1 iterator is supported per model.

With the iterator added to a model, attach the GP tool you want/need to use, like Copy in this simple example. The %Name% ensures that you get unique output names.

Best to read up on iterators here An overview of ModelBuilder tools—Tools | ArcGIS Desktop 


Thank you, GIS Ninja Barbara! What a great idea, I will work on a model for my tasks.


Hello Michelle,

please do let me know if iterators work for you.

It sure would be nice to read that they make your life easier.


YES, IT WORKED PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so much, I'll be making new tools for the rest of the week.


That is good to read, Michelle.

Thanks for letting me know.

Status changed to: Already Offered