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Batch file creation of ArcGIS provisioning files

06-01-2011 07:32 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

This came up when one of our teaching areas wanted to generate 30 ArcGIS 10 standalone licences. The web portal for provisioning licence files is not able to do this easily. Fine for single licenses, terrible if you need to generate a batch of them at once.

As currently configured I need to select one Product Description then the necessary extensions followed by a description and email address for each licence then repeat 29 more times. This strikes me as a lot of work that I shouldn't have to do.

What I'd want would be the ability to generate a template (as the licences will all be the same) and then indicate how many licences I need that follow that template. The interface would ideally include the ability to upload or paste in a list of student email addresses and descriptions (name, area) so the licenses could be emailed out directly rather than being sent to me for distribution (which would also be a major pain).

Another useful feature would be the ability to do a one-click renewal of provisioning files when new licences need to be created to replace licences that have expired, using the details provided for the old licence.

This would also be a very useful feature for an organizations Agency Central Support (ACS) teams that provide license management for their Esri Enterprise License Agreement.
Agreed, this would be especially useful for those with an education site license. Often I am having to create licenses for both staff (administrative uses) and students (educational use only) and I keep having to go back and check which extensions are prohibited for administrative use.

(4.5 years later)
I agree... this is a bit much needed functionality for those of us who managed consortium license agreements amongst educational institutions.  I have 2000+ new provisioning files to issue in the next month, and ESRI currently only allows me to create one at a time.


I also would like to see some kind of a batch method to create provisioning files.


With Desktop we have EVA codes that can be handed out to students (we have a site license). For Pro there is no such thing. Every year we have several hundred students that requests a Single Use license. To manually create those Pro Single use licenses in the My Esri interface is just too much work.

Please let us create these licenses in batch, through an API (similar to Online) or introduce EVA-type licenses for Pro.