Batch attachment export

08-22-2012 08:55 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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There are new tools in 10.1 to do a batch attachment but there are times where it would be useful to export out all the attachments associated to selected features in a featureclass. At the moment the only way to save attachments to file is to click on each feature and use the attachment manager to save the file(s). This is very tedious and slow if you're dealing with hundreds of features or hundreds of attachments.

Also when bulk export it would be nice to automatially rename the photos to inlcude the feature's unique ID or allow user to create an expression using fields to create the names for exported attachments.
Yes, i agree.  I would like this so that we can data collect with images in File GDB's using ArcGIS Mobile, then run bulk export.  Would be nice if the bulk export  also wrote a table with the unique ID plus the filename. Then this could be used to build a conventional relationship class 'FeatureHas2012InventoryAttachments" with the filename being used as a pointer to the file location.
This would be useful so that after an event a folder can be created that contains all images and information regarding the event.
... and the images should contain all metadata like camera, camera settings, GPS, heading, etc.
... and the images should contain all metadata like camera, camera settings, GPS, heading, etc.
Has anyone come up with a solution for the bulk export, python or otherwise, to do a bulk export of the attachments for features?
This goes hand-in-hand with this idea about the ability to rename attachments in Collector and would solve the same issue that was brought up back in 2013 in a Knowledge Base article regarding unique names in the batch export process.  And maphew was right, this article should merge with Batch Export/Download Attachments from SDE.