Automatically scroll attribute table to feature interactively selected in map

04-05-2011 06:31 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice if the attribute table automatically scrolled to the feature interactively selected in the map view/data frame or a button on the attribute table toolbar that would scroll to a single feature you have interactively selected in the map view. I know you can choose to view selected and can also use find and replace to scroll to the record, but it would be nice to have this increased functionality. There are often times I need to see the records adjacent to the one I have selected depending on the type of sort I have performed.


THis is much needed!!!


I originally created this idea for ArcGIS Desktop, and am surprised to find that what seems like a simple and useful idea has not been implemented in ArcGIS Pro. I'm glad the idea is at least still open. Please implement this for Pro or let me know if it's hiding there in plain sight. Thanks!