Automatically Adjust Dynamic Texts

05-26-2020 08:03 PM
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A way to automatically adjust text box length of dynamic texts will be very useful in ArcGIS Pro. For instance, when you use dynamic texts as a title of each map series page, some titles may consist of one word while others may have multiple. In ArcMap, the text box automatically adjusts according to the character length of the dynamic text on each page and will display the full title on each page, without having to do any editing. In Pro, if the initial text box is not large enough, it would cut off words at the end of the title or not display them at all. Therefore, you have to go to each page and adjust the text boxes. This is a lot of work especially when there are many pages (10+) in the map series. It would be great if there is a setting to automatically "resize" the texts to fit in the text box or allow the text box to adjust itself.

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The solution to this issue is to use Point or Straight Text in the layout AND set horizontal positioning (via Text Symbol properties--> Position) to be centered.

Rectangle or any paragraph text will NOT resize based on text length or size.  The geometry stays fixed until resized manually or using some scripting/SDK logic.  Straight text will resize but in order to get it to stay centered, you must first set the anchor to center and ALSO set the horizontal alignment.

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