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Automatic Opened Attribute Table Sorting

07-29-2022 12:54 PM
Status: Open
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Hi All,

In ArcGIS PRO, I've done several tasks that use joins and relates, compare several databases, or host multiple datasets and layers. Often in these projects having the attribute table open and reorganizing the tables either by order of importance, size, or alphabetically has been very useful.

My idea therefore would be either a preset, a table button or right click feature in attribute table displays, or some similar function that would allow for sorting of tables when opening multiple attribute tables.

For example, I have my attribute table open Intersections, Roads, Water Lines, and Lights but want to show and discuss data in a timely manner to a coworker. It would be easy to presort instead of sorting by hand.

if the feature existed, I would want to quick pre-sort it so the attribute table lists them by size: Waterlines, Roads, Intersections, then lights. Or if I need it to show by alphabetical order it would be Lights, Intersections, Roads, then Waterlines. etc.

This would be similar to legend sorting and would be for internal users and stakeholders during the preparation of data and discussion as projects progress. A quick stop by the office to review progress and instead of jumping between attribute tables of a half dozen or more layers can be streamlined by a built in sorting method.

Eager to hear the communities thoughts, thanks,


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