Automatic heading

10-10-2013 08:44 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
In the symbology option by categories, ArcGis allows you to create heading groups of entities with a same feature. These groups could be simbolized with the same color ramp.
In many cases this feature is in a field of  the attribute table, so we have different entities that have a same field with the caracteristic of our headings.
I think that ArcGis could allow the option to create automatic headings response to this same field.

For example if we want symbolize the provinces of a country (in this case we do with Spain).


Until here ArcGis allows you do all the actions.
Now, we want to symbolize this provinces response to the regions where they are locate and give them a same color ramp. To do this  with ArcGis, we have to create a heading  for each regions, include every provinces in its corresponding region and then, simbolize every heading with a color ramp.


My idea is to create an option in symbology window that allows the automatic creation of headings, select first the field we want simbolize and second select the field that we want to create the headings.
This option would save a lot of work and time into creating the symbology.

This option could be use to symbolize quickly: maps with land use data, cost of territories, population maps...etc