Automatic copy of deleted features

03-21-2016 11:35 AM
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I would like to see an editing mode such that when certain features are DELETED they are automatically copied to a sepearate feature class in a separate feature dataset.

Example.  When editing a clients system we often get requests to delete this or that.  Sometimes they come back and say hey where did this street light go or that fuse?  We can then pull up the delete history and tell them exactly when they told us to delte this freature.  

Currently we get most of our updates from clients as PDF attachements in email.  At least with this type of system I can look at the deleted freature and see when it was deleted then go throught the appropiate PDF's to see when it was deleted.

Or rather than a separate edit mode have a new Delete Button that when pressed will delete features and if they are in the appropite set of features it delete, copy them to a dataset and stamp them with the date, time and userr.
Could this be a feature added to the attribute assistant?  For example, in my fire run map system, when you add a new building, my AA goes to a linked table and adds a record.  Maybe there is a way to have it do the same?  You'd probably have to use a script to copy features, etc.

Alternatively, I think the archive feature might be helpful, but I've only done very light reading on that.  My understanding is it will "delete" the features, but you can look throuhg the archive and pull it back out if you determine it should not have been deleted.
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