Automate close panes in ArcGIS Pro tasks

11-08-2018 08:27 AM
Status: Already Offered
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When building steps in a task workbook, it would be nice to automate closing panes that are launched in previous steps. Many tools can be embedded in the task pane but the space in this pane is limited and some tools are confined even further into a small window with scroll bars within the pane. If you don't #embed them, the only way to close the pane is to create a step that tells the user to manually close it. This would prevent the project from getting cluttered with panes that were only used once in the task workflow, reduce clicks for the user and reduce the number of steps in a task.

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They are related but not the same. It is asking about controlling views (map/scene or layout). This idea is talking about closing panes as they open when tasks are run.


Tasks restore panes to their saved state once the step proceeds:

If the pane was closed tasks closes the pane after the step.

If the pane was minimized tasks minimizes it after the step.

Tasks do not control map view configuration (side by side for example) today but we do plan to support it in the future.

Status changed to: Already Offered

When a task step opens a view from a closed or minimized state it will return that pane to the original state when it moves to the next step.
Views (e.g. map view, layout view, catalog view,  attribute table view...), as well as other controls, are not included.

If you see a different behavior with panes please report a bug.

Many panes can be embedded in the task itself which reduces the "pane clutter".