Auto populate Date on data entry

01-22-2014 02:37 PM
Status: Open
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We need the ability put in the Date default entry a function that allows the current date to be entered when a new record is added to a feature class.

The Default Value for a date field should take something like NOW() or DATE() or GETDATE() so that when a user creates a new record that the current date is automatically populated into the data field so the user does not have to enter a date.

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I agree functions as default would be helpful for many data types, especially if one column is related on another. You do have some work-a-rounds depending on the environment being used.

1) Attribute Assistant but this tool only supports desktop does not scale to web or mobile solutions

2) Enable Editor Tracking Fields - however this deaults to UTC and not local time zone so it can be confusing for end users.

3) SQL Server and other RDBMS can use calculated columns. I have noticed performance issues using these but they seem to do their job and will not allow the user to override the date.