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Auto populate Date on data entry

01-22-2014 02:37 PM
Status: Closed
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We need the ability put in the Date default entry a function that allows the current date to be entered when a new record is added to a feature class.

The Default Value for a date field should take something like NOW() or DATE() or GETDATE() so that when a user creates a new record that the current date is automatically populated into the data field so the user does not have to enter a date.

I agree functions as default would be helpful for many data types, especially if one column is related on another. You do have some work-a-rounds depending on the environment being used.

1) Attribute Assistant but this tool only supports desktop does not scale to web or mobile solutions

2) Enable Editor Tracking Fields - however this deaults to UTC and not local time zone so it can be confusing for end users.

3) SQL Server and other RDBMS can use calculated columns. I have noticed performance issues using these but they seem to do their job and will not allow the user to override the date. 
Status changed to: Closed

There are multiple strategies accessible to users looking for this type of functionality. The simplest, as mentioned in the comment above, would be to enable editor tracking on the feature class.  This will record who created each feature, and when.

Its also possible to configure an attribute rule using arcades Now() function to achieve this goal. 

I've linked some useful documentation for those looking to implement either of these strategies. 

Editor Tracking

Arcades Now() Function

Attribute Rule Introduction and Examples