Auto hide attribute table in ArcGIS Pro

07-14-2017 09:31 AM
Status: Open
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In ArcMap, you could auto-hide the attribute table just like all the other dockable windows.

Please introduce this in ArcGIS Pro as well.


Hello - I couldn't find this repeated elsewhere, but I can't believe this only has a score of 40 if this is the only thread with this idea!  If anyone knows of another version of this idea, please link to it. Almost as surprising as the fact this functionality is still missing in Pro v2!


This is a great idea. This functionality is essential and is missing in latest versions.
Opening an attribute table reduces the essential workspace . Opening and closing it merely to check the map area is a cumbersome process. Kindly add auto hide attribute table as a standard function across all versions.


Thank you for the comment @JithinSajeevan   I took a look and it doesn't appear that you added your kudos to the idea. While comments are important, kudos (the number of votes) that an idea receives is one of the primary pieces of data that we use to determine traction and trends as we monitor idea activity over time.

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I can't believe this functionality didn't get carried over to ArcPRO, it's driving me nuts.


Yes, I've come across many projects where this would be a very useful functionality. Preferrably dockable along the bottom above the scale/zoom/etc. area.



This tool is very useful while hide multiple table once and then view. last time l need this but as l see ArcGIS PRO hasn't it. 


@bext_la be sure to add your kudos to the idea to show your support for it. Thank you!