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Attribute Rule Not Updateing Tesxtstring Field (Esri Case #02713459)

02-01-2021 08:44 AM
Status: Closed
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With Attribute rules (insert/update) you can update a field in annotation from an underlying polygon feature class.  But,  you can not update a TEXTSTRING.  The code below works for updating a different textfield in the annotation feature class (It works fine)  but when the field is TextString it does not work.  This has been reported as a but but was also requested to make this an enhancement so here it is. 

// When creating a anno get map number from mapindex polygon layer
var fsMapIndex = FeatureSetByName($datastore,"MapIndex",["MapNumber"])
var fsIntersectMap = Intersects(fsMapIndex,$feature)
var MapIndex = first(fsIntersectMap)
if (MapIndex == null) return {"errorMessage": "No Map Index Feature Found"}
return MapIndex.Mapnumber

This tool would help us to build attribute rules when annotating taxlot/parcelnumber  or updating bearing/distances to an annotation feature class.  Due to several business requirements, feature linking of the features will not work.  In addition, the same business reasons do not allow us to use labeling.  


Anytime I see an idea for an attribute rule with real-world work case, it gets a thumbs up!


This is BUG-000137159 for reference.  (Thanks Jon) 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you for posting the BUG#.  That made it easy for me to tie everything together.


Status changed to: Closed

We are tracking this as the following bug.

BUG-000137159 The insert trigger for Attribute rules run against TextString fields on Annotation feature class are overwritten by out of the box editing tool

for anyone affected by this bug, please visit and use the Subscribe button. That will set you up to receive notifications and also increment the count of affected users which helps development teams prioritize work.

We apologize for the inconvenience.