ArcToolbox is still missing many crucial tools,

02-21-2013 02:51 PM
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ArcToolbox is still missing many crucial tools,
I wanted to include a number of tools in my web application but failed to do so due to the lack of the very basic tools in the ArcToolbox. For example, I couldn’t find tools that enables having,
  1. Drop-down list
  2. Auto-complete search
  3. Zooming to the selected feature
  4. Go to xy

Do I need to be a developer in order to create such tools?
Thank you
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Some of these functions (drop downs and auto-complete) will be available to you if you add functions to the Validation tab in a tools properties. This will require you to know some Python however. If you are going to be publishing tools to a web application regularly if would be to your benefit to learn Python because there is expanded functionality in the arcpy module not accessable to Modle Builder. ESRI has a book out now on getting started with Python and arcpy.