ArcSDE connection - Faster, Cached/Refresh

08-24-2010 04:09 AM
Status: Open
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Faster connections to ArcSDE geodatabases, by connecting 1 time and reusing the connection from cache.

When you want you could click the "Refresh connection" button to see new content, or other changes made in the geodatabase structures (new/renamed/deleted Feature Datasets/Classes, Tables, Rasters, etc.).

This would be a vast improvement for those of us who have to work with ArcSDE in ArcMap. Today every time you connect to ArcSDE you have to wait 1 full minute before you see its contents and are able to select what you want to load into your map. If you cached the contents of the geodatabase, you would only wait the first time.

This would be interesting. I can definitely see it in feature classes that aren't updated frequently. If this could be implemented, I wonder if there would be a way to have a message/icon stating that feature classes have been updated and the user should refresh their connection.

I think something is wrong with your SDE, it takes me only 5-10 secondes to refresh the connection


try to compare  database time response with native client vs arcmap time .


Well this is a pretty old "idea". I remember this happened with our oracle based geodatabase, where we had all feature classes inside feature datasets.

We solved the connection times by not using feature datasets at all. To organize our gdb we started naming our feature classes with prefixes instead. Connection speeds were suddenly fast.

But we know places where datasets are the main organization concept... and connections are slow.