ArcPython integration with .NET

08-06-2010 03:25 PM
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There needs to be a clean way of integrating the ease of use of Python with class libraries written in .NET.   This would enable routines and utilities that have been written outside of the "Arc" world to be accessible to arc.

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Thank you for you suggestion.

At this time there are no plans to implement this idea.

We're aware of 2 python libraries which allow you to call .net functionlity/.net CLR from python. They are pythonnet and IronPython. Both these projects are hosted on GitHub and their respective pages provide installation instructions. We recommend you create a clone of arcgispro-py3 environment before modifying.

Please also review whether the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET meets your current needs. Any enhancements around working with Python in conjunction with .NET would happen through the SDK.