arcpy.TestSchemaLock() should be able to check workspace

07-19-2016 04:51 AM
Status: Open
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The function arcpy.TestSchemaLock() takes as input a dataset for which it returns TRUE or FALSE depending if a schema lock is in place. This works great for a Table or FeatureClass but it needs to be able to test a workspace, specifically a personal geodatabase.

Unless ESRI plan to drop all support for a personal geodatabase (which they have done for ArcGIS Pro) then it would be a simple and effective improvement on this function if it was able to take a dataset OR a Workspace and return the boolean.

I have scripts that write to personal geodatabases and these can very easily get locked by another application or user. You could argue that I should be writing to a file geodatabase but there are good reasons for wanting to write to a personal geodatabase.

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