open mapx map files and pagx layout files

05-20-2016 05:48 AM
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Occasional Contributor III allows you to open project and layer files.  The GUI allow you to save maps and layouts and layer files.  We need to be able to open map and layer files in to modify the update connection properties and other properties before loading the in the project.  Having all the possible maps and layouts a users would want to use in a project is not practical if it numbers in the dozens and only a few are used at the time.  This way you can build a library of mapx and pagx files to use in your projects.
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Does ArcGISProject.ImportDocument() satisfy your needs?  It allows you to import mapx, pagx and more into a project?  We also support exporting to these formats.

Or do you want to be able to connect to a pagx or mapx and repair datasources directly on those?  A work around would be to importDocument into a project, change datasources and then export back to the appropriate X file.

Jeff - and Layout teams.

Status changed to: Closed

Given you can use importDocument(path to mapx), change data sources, then export back to mapx, this lessens the priority of creating additional classes and members given a fair amount of other planned development work.

If the above workflow does NOT work for you, please describe in detail you scenario and we could reconsider.

Jeff - Layout and teams