Arcpy: Enable Time on tables

10-19-2017 11:45 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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With Arcpy it is possible to enable Time on a MXD's feature layers. This can be done with the 'UpdateLayerTime' utility from the 'arcpy.mapping'. We also want this utility for tables! After support from Esri, it is confirmed that it is not possible to enable Time on a MXD's tables.


Some extra info, when you put a MXD's table in the UpdateLayerTime utility you get an error.


We would like to get the feature to enable Time on tables with Arcpy.


With kind regards,

Cees van Altena

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Can you describe how you use a standalone table in a time-enabled map?  This might help understand why this functionality is needed.

Thank you.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

This won't be addressed for arcpy.mapping (ArcMap) but we do plan to add it to (Pro). Time for stand-alone tables was just made available at 3.0.  We hope to make it available in the near term.  Adding members similar to Layer like isTimeEnabled and enableTime() makes good sense.

Jeff - and Layout teams.