ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS Pro

06-26-2019 01:21 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The product life cycle for ArcGIS ArcPad 10.2.5 shows retirement December 31, 2020.  Hopefully a further version is in plan. 

We use ArcPad with the ArcGIS Desktop ArcMap "ArcPad Data Manager".  It would be great to have a similar tool in the ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Pro world. 


It would be good to replicate the ArcPad Data Manager tool in ArcGIS Pro same as ArcGIS Desktop.

This will enable our users to connect GPS to ArcGIS Pro and continue using ArcGIS Pro.


ArcPad is essential for our solution. Our folks in the fully disconnected out back of Australia need self determination to create feature class, and even swap data between users (including taking shapefiles off their handsets and giving it to helicopter teams).  There's resistance to go to ArcGIS Pro (which we have purchased)  because it does not have ArcPad support. ArcGIS Collector is a great app, but for our GIS professionals it's limited.  


To my knowledge, there are not plans to extend support for ArcPad or add an ArcPad Data Manager for Pro.  I will look into this further though and update this if I find out more.

Joseph McGehan‌, one workflow is to add a "Map Notes" layers to your Collector maps for miscellaneous collections.  You could have a layer for points, lines, and polygons and have a generic field for data entry.

Dhan Prabhu‌, Support for GPS in ArcGIS Pro is on the roadmap and is listed in the mid-term section, so you can expect this in the next 2-3 releases.