ArcMap share service wizard removes layer without warning

04-27-2016 10:34 AM
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When sharing a service with ArcGIS Online double clicking wizard “Warning 24041 – Layer does not have a feature template set” removes the layer from the map instead of going to feature template settings. If the user doesn’t notice this and saves and closese the map, prior work is gone.

To replicate: ArcMap >> File >> Share as >> Service >> Publish >> My Hosted Service >> Capabilities:
Tile Mapping: No
Feature Access: Yes {Check All}
… >> Analyze: then double click “Warning 24041" >> removes the layer from the map

Double-clicking the warning will invoke its assigned action which in this case is to remove the layer from the data frame. You can see this assigned action by right-clicking the warning. If you did remove the layer by mistake you can undo the action by clicking on the Undo function in the Edit menu.

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Forgot the screen shots and to reference the Tech Support incident this started with, "Esri Case #01773088 - ArcMap share service wizard removes layer"