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ArcMap equivalency - make changes to symbol class breaks faster

01-29-2023 01:48 PM
Status: Open
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Right now, editing the break values in quantity-driven symbology such as graduated colors and graduated circles goes something like this:

1. Activate cell

2. Type new value

3. Hit enter

4. Wait and wait and wait for the application to load, the pane to refresh, and the map to redraw.

5. Repeat 2-4 until you're done.

In ArcMap, there is no waiting. You can very quickly tab through a table and enter your values without waiting for something to load several times, likely because the user needs to hit OK/Cancel/Apply to commit, and edits happen instantly:


In Pro, the issue doesn't even go away if map drawing is paused. This idea is to reduce that wait time to be comparable with ArcMap, perhaps by disabling the auto-commit functionality.


I totally agree.


1. The upper limit is "<=2.2,<=12.8,<=17.9,<=25.3,<=39", but "<=10,<=20,<=30,<=40, <=50", so manually rewrite from top to bottom.

2. If you rewrite "17.9" to "20", the symbol will be read, resulting in "<=10,<=17.9,<=20...".

3. If you change "17.9" to "20", you will lose one class.


I think that the problem will disappear if you click "Apply" like ArcMap.


@-_-  oh yeah, that is an issue! I run into that a lot and then since the # of classes once switched to manual is stuck/unchangeable, you're screwed. I didn't realize that that didn't happen in ArcMap but it makes sense.