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ArcMap COGO Traverse Tool - Simplify Line and Curve entry

04-27-2010 06:02 PM
Status: Closed
New Contributor II

COGO Traverse Tool in ArcMap does not need a drop-down to select between line and curve entry, etc.
It should all be there all available already in the one form, similar to how it was in ArcGIS 8.x.  If lines and curves were both already available, then as folks enter bearing and distance, or chords, radius, length, etc. they would not have to have their hands leave the keyboard, going back and forth between mouse and keyboard, switching between lines and curves.

(+) will tab you forward and (/) will tab you backward. I use the num lock key to activate the arrow keys which allows me to switch from curves to lines and back again using only one hand. 

The new traverse tool in ArcGIS Pro 1.3 does not require you to specify if you are entering a straight line or a curve. It also has many useful handy shortcuts to gain maximum efficiency and is designed for a single hand entry (numbers keyboard) .

This link can help you get started.


Status changed to: Closed

ArcMap's lifecycle is in a mature status and is scheduled to be deprecated in 2026