arcgisscripting and arcpy object model diagrams

08-17-2010 09:00 AM
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For python scripters, the most useful piece of documentation at 9.x was the Geoprocessing Programming Model (seen here:  This is extraordinarily useful because it presents the whole of arcgisscripting concisely on a single page.

In the documentation for 10.0, this item cannot be found for arcgisscripting or arcpy.  Can you please add this?

It isn't going to fit on a page anymore but David Wynne posted a useful module that will allow you to browse what is there without having to use Python's help(module) or dir(module) options
perhaps a small volume will be needed.  The help files still contain the most information
I was told at the UC that there will not be one for arcpy. The poster would just be too large so they were going to make the help files as through as possible.
I understand that it has gotten larger.  However, I figure if it can be done for arcobjects then it can be done for scripting too.  I'm not picturing a single giant diagram, I'm picturing three or four different diagrams (at the very least separate out the mapping, spatial, and geostat modules).
I also know that they have said there won't be one, but isn't this what this ideas site is all about, advocating for things that aren't in the software but we users feel should be?  🙂

I would like to at least see diagrams for each of the libraries/modules (eg. mapping, spatial, and geostat). Either that, or some way of downloading the arcpy documentation (that contains examples) (eg. PDF), instead of having to open the online help, so that the whole documentation may be printed easily.
I completely support that idea. An OMD is an absolute must and it was a great help for me to have access to OMD's while programming with VBA.
I support this idea.  

Thanks for posting, all.  Our company is set to go to 10 in the next several months, but we're all still on 9.3.1.  I wholeheartedly agree with everyone's comments on getting a geoprocessing model diagram for 10.  I had hoped to preview a 10 diagram before we made the switch.

I used to rely heavily on VBA to get work done, particularly the code block with "Calculate Field" in 9.3.  When I saw the writing on the wall with announcements about ArcGIS 10, I started learning Python and the 9.3 geoprocessing object model so I could smooth the transition into more of a scripting environment, or at least be integrated within Modelbuilder.

This diagram for 9.3 was critical to me learning the object basics.  Getting it on to one page is nice, but not as important as having the information in the first place and in a visual, usable form (The OMD for ArcPad 7.1 wasn't 1 page either).  It was concise, but the other great things about the 9.3 diagram were that it was a PDF: downloadable, printable, zoomable, searchable, self-contained and covered the material.  ESRI, please don't make arcpy, arcane.

I too would find this a very useful tool.
 Me too!

I use my v9.3.1 GP OMD all the time...
Amazingly useful for 9.3, certainly lacking in 10.