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ArcGIS to handle SQL Lite Natively

05-11-2018 10:23 AM
Status: Open
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SQL Lite is the database format used by the Esri Runtime SDK's.  When a replica is lost or corrupt on the server, there by breaking the link between server and local SQL Lite database, there is no way to synchronize edits between your local file and the server.  If ArcGIS Pro (Desktop) could load a SQL Lite database, we could easily recover the data from the local offline database.  As is, I have to use a SQL Lite database viewer and export the records to a CSV file, cleanup the Julian Dates in Excel, then import the tables to a file geodatabase in order to work with them.


 I upvoted, but a few questions: When you create an offline map of a hosted feature service, it loads it into a SQLite DB in the project folder. As part of a training, I showed users how to recover edits from an unsaved pro project crash: start a new project, connect to the last project folder, go into the SQLite GDB thingy, add all of the feature classes to a new map, DON'T MAKE ANY MORE EDITS, just hit "Sync" then "Remove". It worked. Is that your issue, or, do you not see that behavior? I was thinking about this just yesterday, if the same workflow would work for recovering a failed sync from collector/s123. 


Well, that particular scenario doesn't apply because I'm generating the replica through the Runtime SDK in a custom built .NET application.  All I have is the generated local "file.geodatabase" that I would like to load back into our SDE database manually because the replica can no longer be found through the REST endpoint.  Thanks for the support.


Yeah, that seems like a good thing to have. I haven't done much with Runtime, but am about to, so I'm curious how this pans out. 


I marked this reviewed but it might be a duplicate of Add support for SQLite/SpatiaLite and PostGIS geodatabases‌  As Tom pointed out, we're already using this with disconnected editing workflows.