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01-21-2011 03:41 AM
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We are a large organization with licenses of various levels of ArcGIS and ArcGIS extensions.
No doubt, there are enough licenses to allow all colleagues to access, whenever they need a license. But however, as much licenses we will unlock with ELA, licenses are often blocked because users start always the highest level or don’t uncheck the extensions under Customize.

We would like to have a startup module at which the user every time he starts ArcGIS has to decide the ArcGIS-level which is needed and to check the extensions.

Here are some conceptions we think about:

and if you click the extension button next window should be

(sorry ESRI, I defaced your intro 😉 )


 I like the idea, but it would be nice to just have a "default" option (especially for certain uses) to avoid needing to do this each time.

One way you can approach this with your users is to set up a map template for them to use on startup. The available extensions are stored map templates (.mxt's in 931, .mxd's in 10.0)

As for license level (ArcView/ArcEditor/ArcInfo) this is set using desktop administrator, so it isn't session-specific. A quick workaround you can do is set up a bat script that overrides the Desktop Administrator using environment settings.

24633 – HowTo: Change the ArcGIS Desktop seat type for Citrix or restricted permissions environments

14424 – HowTo: Add the ESRI_LICENSE_FILE or ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE system variable

17970 – FAQ: Why doesn’t the ArcGIS Desktop Administrator allow switching of software types or thelicense manager?


Here's the info on 10.0 map templates - it's quite different than 9.3.x

I agree with the default option.  Since ArcMap seems to remember any extensions you had on last time I am constantly reminding users to turn off their extensions as they never seem to remember to turn them off when they are done with them.  It would be nice if ArcMap would default to them all turned off each time a new arcmap session is started.
I like this, but I think "automatic handling" of licenses and extensions is more than due.
One could simply launch ArcMap (ArcView), and if they need to use some advanced features (of ArcEditor, or ArcInfo), it would simply look for a license.  If one is available, the tool is launched, if not, a message pops up. Once the user is done using the tool, the advanced license is released.   Same with using extensions.
It's about time ESRI joins 21st century software usability on this - often feels like we have to take so many detours to accomplish a simple task...
There is a third party tool called OpenLM which can help you manage this.  It has a feature that automatically unchecks extensions every time any user closes the software.  We have a large Citrix implementation and this pretty much solved the problem of licenses being gobbled up by people who were not really using them.  The tool also has all kinds of reporting functionality and license managing functionality so you can keep track of a large user base. 

ESRI seem to be moving away from license manager towards single seat licenses?

If they will support LM going forwards then yes being able to chose software and extension with total/available would be a useful idea. Could also have a splash screen to indicate what version/product/extensions are used at startup