ArcGIS Server with geometry property as source of layer

02-20-2020 01:10 AM
Status: Open
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I have for example this REST service for which I can use a query to get features within a certain geometry:

This way I get 179 records. It would be very nice if I could use this URL as the source of a layer file. So the layer file requests the data within a geometry and shows in this case only the 179 records.

The only thing that is possible now, is to connect to the ArcGIS Server, add the data and create a layer file. The problem with this however, is that I get all the data (1231 records), while I only need the data within a certain area.


Since a definition query is stored as part of a layer file, it seems like if we had it might meet the need?


That might be a solution, especially if it filters the data as well, and not only the data that is displayed.