ArcGIS Pro - usability issues

10-24-2016 12:58 PM
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Just a couple usability issues that I noticed with ArcGIS Pro.

Editing:  How can I turn editing off by default across an organization?  I want to KNOW if I am viewing data.

Basemaps:  It was not clear enough how we can create our own basemap, or use a basemap from our own ArcGIS server.  Can we configure basemaps across an organization?

Limiting use of ArcGIS Online Credits when using "Analysis":  I am not clear as to which tools are "part of ArcGIS Desktop / Pro" vs "ArcGIS Online Tools" that could cost money to use...  Could you make this distinction more clear?  Can we disable AGOL tools across our organization?

PS.  Will pro allow us to drag and drop layers from ArcGIS Catalog ( or equivalent) into pro?