ArcGIS Pro Topology Error Inspector - Sort Headers

09-11-2020 09:55 AM
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In ArcMap, you can sort the headers in ascending order by clicking on the header once or in descending order by clicking the header twice. It would be nice for ArcGIS Pro to do the same.


Thank you for submitting this Braden Warns‌!  

There are some underlying differences in the architecture behind the error inspector in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, making it not an easy one to one fix.  In order to help the development team understand the specific need to inform their design, could you provide some more details behind what you're trying to find when you sort a column?

For example, are you trying to find certain errors or improving browsing by having like errors together, etc.?

If you could provide a screenshot of an error inspector table that you typically work with along with a description of how the ability to sort facilitates your work, that would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for any further details you're able to provide.


Hello @KoryKramer I would like to answer this. Because I just encountered the same scenario as @BradenWarns and I would like to sort the same way he mentioned. Your are correct - it would be preferable if like errors were grouped together. I know that you can use the filtering tool to show only specific errors. But in ArcMap, you could sort on the header. Once sorted, I could select sections of the Error Inspector table and confirm that - for example - I have X number of errors of this type, X number of errors of that type, etc. Being able to sort and then select based on that sort provided a quick way to confirm some things manually. Below is an example:


Here I have some feature classes like soils, tracts, and stands - all of which have their own rule that they Must Not Have Gaps. I can see that there are 420 total errors. Previously, in ArcMap, you could sort on the Feature 1 column. And then you could select PARKERSBURG_STANDS as one selection (or _SOILS, or _TRACTS, etc.) and confirm that there are 140 of those, maybe 140 of another, etc. Again, I know you can filter. But sorting and then selecting is a quick way to allow the user to select certain records in the Error Inspector and do a quick confirmation. And right now, the user cannot sort on any column in that inspector. Because of that, there is no easy way to select just Feature 1 values of just _SOILS, or just_TRACTS, or just _STANDS - because they are interspersed.

Hope this helps. And thank you.



Thank you for the details, Jim!  I've shared your use case with the editing team.


Thank you, @KoryKramer - looking forward to further information from your guys' end.


I agree - sorting columns by Feature 1 and Feature 2 is desperately needed. In county parcel data we use, the parcels are stacked resulting in topology errors. It would be really nice if we could sort by Feature ID so we can select parcels in bulk and mark them as an exception based upon the feature ID. The fact you cannot mark multiple errors with the same error at the same time is another major issue. I have multiple stacks of 200 parcels, and I have to do each error individually. This is a huge waste of time.


Is there any update on the ability to sort by headings in the Error Inspector window? This is a major issue for us. If we could sort by feature 1 and Feature 2 we could quickly identify large groups of errors that we could mark as exceptions based upon object id. Because we can't sort, we have to go through each error line by line which is really tedious and prone to errors when you have hundreds of errors to review in a single block of parcels due to stacked parcels in the county auditor data we use. Please make this a priority 🙂