ArcGIS Pro to give more control upon rendering when exporting a scene

05-01-2019 05:35 AM
Status: Open
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When exporting a scene as an image, it is possible to control the size of the output by changing the pixel density (DPI). However, this control the size of the image only, without affecting how the scene is rendered. While this is not an issue for small exports, it presents a problem for large exports because the rendering of raster datasets is not adapted accordingly. The rendering of raster images draped on the terrain seems to be controlled by the observer distance only.

It would be nice to be able to enhance the quality of raster rendering (maybe similar to what was possible on ArcScene) when exporting scenes to large images, in order to preserve details.

I talked with someone at ESRI but haven't found a workaround to this at the moment. Any advice is of course welcomed!

Thank you in advance for the consideration.

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