ArcGIS Pro Symbol layer drawing order persistence

04-20-2021 09:50 PM
Status: Open
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We create our own vector tile service background map for the ArcGIS Enterprise environment. Obviously the cartography starts from the ArcGIS Pro. Currently in ArcGIS Pro, the changes made in the “Symbol layer drawing” is not persistent. All changes reset if any symbology is updated. Can all the updates in “Symbol layer drawing” made persistent?

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I have Unique Values symbology on my road centerlines based on a road class field. I've set up alternate symbols by scale. I've also set up advanced symbol layer drawing groups and gave them unique names. I can add a new symbol for a new road class. I can add alternative symbols for each scale for it. As soon as I try to edit those new symbols, though, it resets all my custom advanced symbol layer drawing groups and I have to remake them. It would be nice if it just added the new symbols to a new group instead of resetting the whole list.