ArcGIS Pro: Streamline and Repair 'Index Field'

10-04-2017 12:28 PM
Status: Open
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Create functionality to right-click a field heading and "Index", without needing to go through a GeoProcessing workflow.  Currently the analyst much divert into a geoprocessing tool workflow that requests the name of the field to index, and another name for the "new" indexed field, which appears to be errantly requesting a name for a new field.  The tool does not appear to actually create a new field under this name, nor do I want it to.  But the workflow is very odd and confusing.  It is so confusing that the application itself is confused.  It continues to "tell you" that the field has not been indexed yet (after a successful geoprocessing session).  Even after "refresh" of the geodatabases and the maps.