ArcGIS Pro- Snapping to Layout Guides not like ArcMap

11-17-2021 10:50 AM
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ArcGIS Pro snapping does not appear to be as effective as ArcMap. When placing a layout item with snapping on the item doesn't truly "snap" to the guide. The item just floats around past the guide and isn't "stopped by it". 

Please resolve this equivalency issue. 








^ Above when trying to snap Amphitheater to the guide, the text item just moves right over the guide, not "snapping" to it. 


Did you make sure that your snapping settings honor guides? I use Layouts extensively, and the guides function pretty much as expected when snapping to them. Editing your idea to include maybe some screenshots or more detailed descriptions of what's happening / should be happening would probably help your idea get some traction.





Yep all the settings are enabled: 



^ Above when trying to snap Amphitheater to the guide, the text item just moves right over the guide, not "snapping" to it. 

Status changed to: Needs Clarification


I'm not seeing the behavior you're describing.


I noticed that you have both snap to guides and snap to other elements enabled. 

Does it make any difference if you turn off snap to other elements so that only guide snapping is possible?  

It seems like there may be a level of troubleshooting involved here before this can be open as a valid idea.  

Please let us know if you figure out what is going on - maybe working with Technical Support could help narrow it down.  Once we figure that out, maybe the idea could be refined.

Thank you.

Status changed to: Closed

Closed pending clarification, though if there are reproducible steps this is more likely a bug than an idea.


Hi @KoryKramer , 

Sorry for the delay! I finally had some time to circle back around to this one and I think I found the cause of the issue. When an item is copy and pasted, it appears the guide "snapping" doesn't work. I've tested this with a few elements (text, scale, etc) and I've seen the same behavior. It happens when you use right click > copy > paste and when you use Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V. 


Let me know if you have any questions!




Where/how did you get to that snapping menu?  All I can see is the editing snapping options (perpendicular, endpoint, etc), no matter if I access the snapping toggle from the lower left side of the layout or the top pannel in the Map's edit menu.  Having similar problem as OP but can't check the guide snap settings as I can't find them.


@KeithAddison1 is your layout active? (My UI will be a little bit different because I am in a dev build of 3.1...)