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ArcGIS Pro: snap legend to guides

09-28-2019 08:23 PM
Status: Closed
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Here is a draft legend, coloured grey for visibility, the black box is the "working" box of ArcGIS Pro.

Two issues hinder me in legend placement in my layout:

  • The "working" box does not yet accommodate the 5mm gap I asked of the background and frame (though I understand ESRI may be working on this).
  • The legend refuses to snap to the left hand guide I made, though it somehow snaps to the bottom one.

Is it possible to look into these please and make legend placement easier and more intuitive?

Happy to receive feedback if the issues likely reflect user error!


What version of Pro are you working in?  This should be addressed at Pro 2.4.  See the related comments here: 

If you're already in Pro 2.4, let's get some more details about your exact settings to see if we can figure out what is going on.



Thanks indeed!  Version 2.4.1.  It could very well be a case of wrong settings.  I made a new test project from scratch, this time legend snapped to both guides!

I observe the working box with handles sort of surrounded the text of the legend when I had a heading also included for the Ground shaking hazard and the font sizes were bigger.  It did not take on the shape of the legend with the 3 mm gap for border and fill, nor reduce in size when I reduced the amount of information displayed in the legend.  But I understand this behaviour is at least partly likely controlled manually.

When I hit Adjust frame, the working box shrank to the core of the legend, but snapping to the left hand guide no longer worked:

But cunningly, the legend snaps to the guides when on the left and moved right:

Do these observations help?


Closing this as implemented, it seems like this was just a bug that has been resolved. 

Status changed to: Closed