ArcGIS Pro Scale Based Symbology - Single Symbol

02-15-2021 08:21 AM
Status: Open
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Hi ArcGIS Pro Team, 

We're currently using Pro 2.7 for multiscale mapping, and we're looking for a way to alter symbology (color or texture) for a Single Symbol symbology type. This functionality is available for Unique Symbols (see image below), but is not available for Single Symbol types. 

This is a much needed functionality for controlling the appearance of a layer at different scale levels (such as color, transparency, thickness, etc.).

Please note: we do not want to add the layer multiple times to the map to symbolize as this taxes the end client and isn't best practice for caching. 







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While I think that this needs to be implemented, if you needed the functionality right now, you can always set symbology to "Unique Values", but leave "Other values" as the only symbol in the list.