ArcGIS Pro Project Recovery - 'As New Project'

08-31-2020 01:43 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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The current menu for the ArcGIS Pro - Project Recovery (new at 2.6) reads:
The backup is newer than the saved project. Would you like to recover your work from the backup?

and the options are:
Yes, No, Cancel.
It would be nice if there was a 'Recover as New Project' option.

It would be nice to see what is 'saved by you' as the latest and greatest, vs what was saved via Project Recovery after the Pro Project stayed open for longer. Were any pertinent changes made after I purposefully saved that I just forgot to save? If you could Recover as New Project, you could compare.


Thanks for submitting this idea Matt Reeves‌.

The backup .aprx file is stored in a .backups folder in the project home folder.  So depending on the interval you have set for the backup to be updated, if Pro stops unexpectedly, you could open the .aprx from the .backups folder to see what the backup captured.

Save a project—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


This idea may have saved me the current heartache of the chance that by hitting recover I saved over the last uncorrupted file and 7 hours worth of work..

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Great idea, I have had cases, where choosing the backup (it was e.g. suggested when I saved as and then went back to the old project name) was the wrong decision. So I totally agree that the option to compare the backup is necessary.