ArcGIS Pro Power Saving Mode

04-09-2024 07:03 PM
Status: Open
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Create a more power efficient mode for ArcGIS Pro.

Currently it is a very 'heavy' application with a GPU accelerated UI, dynamic ribbon, etc.

Allow users with non-complex data process requirements to load the low power mode to make the application itself more power efficient.  The small gains multiplied across the entire Pro userbase can be measurable. 

Be an example and set a challenge to the software world!




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Our "power" users of ArcGIS who actually do complex analyses and the like are all switched over to Pro.  The remaining users are occasional users of ArcGIS who pop in, check something real fast, and then close it—and that relatively rarely, to boot.

For them, Desktop is great, because it's far more lightweight than Pro.  I'm not looking forward to that headache when it's time to upgrade them, and our rollout of some of the new functionality in Pro like Attribute Rules is currently stuck in limbo partly waiting on us to force those users to switch to Pro.