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ArcGIS Pro Plugin / AddIn Area

11-11-2015 09:18 PM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro should have an add-in / plugin area where we could advertise our own add-ins and GIS libraries to the Esri GIS community. This is pretty much common these days. Something similar to what is available in Visual Studio. 

We would have a common place where to search for these add-ins around the world. This would be amazing for the users which could get an indication from Esri of which ones they recommend and their rating (number of stars). Users could acquire these add-ins by simply clicking in acquire or get.

This could also connect the GIS community with the scientific community which most of times develop libraries that no ones get's to know.

This would also create an interest within the development community to develop more functions and products within the platform.

I don't like having to open a browser and google for an add-in or even go to ArcGIS Online and search for an add-in. I don't understand why it is not integrated within the platform.

This would take ArcGIS Pro to a all new level in my opinion.
Hope you decide to implement this.



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I came to the ideas site to say the same thing. Whilst not a user of QGIS the plugin manager is a great way of distributing user community plugins. I would like to expand this idea to say that it should not be limited to ArcGIS Pro it should be available to ArcMap desktop.

I think this this is an especially good idea now that ESRI has become so fractured. In the past we had one (and might I say excellent) site, ArcScripts. Now we have a defunct ArcScript site, a BETA version that frankly does not deliver, the impenetrable Code Gallery on ArcGIS Online and now they are pushing git hub. Different sites with different skill levels required to use and different functionality.

A plugin within the desktop application would bring order to the chaos.