ArcGIS Pro organize Create Features template

09-15-2015 10:53 PM
Status: Implemented
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Esri Contributor

Would be useful feature in ArcGIS Pro to organize Create Features templates by user needs. At the moment there is no functionality to filter templates by usage frequency (like it is in ArcMap).0EME0000000fxev
It would be nice feature to let user rank templates by priority. And to have possibility to order templates by rank. So user can build his custom list of most used or required feature templates. Then group templates by rank or frequecy.

We are planning on adding an option to customize the presentation of templates within the map (creating and organizing a folder type structure).  It is currently lower on our list of items to do and doesn't look like it will make 1.2.  In the meantime I suggest tagging frequently used templates with a simple search tag.  

We were never happy with the Frequency sorting in ArcMap implementation, so decided not to port it as is.  

Status changed to: Implemented

Favorite Feature Templates were added to ArcGIS Pro at version 2.4 which allows you to organize templates by dragging and dropping them or putting them into folders: