ArcGIS Pro & Online support SLD Layer-Style (Import/Export)

10-27-2016 01:33 AM
Status: Open
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Support layer style definitions based on SLD-Files (Styled Layer Descriptor | OGC )  - Load AND Save. It would improve interop. with other tools and software and data from organisations like European Environment Agency.

I fully support this functionality. It would help to exploit an external symbology coming from other
applications often open-source.
This is crucial for ESRI to incorporate this.
Merci de bien vouloir implementer dans les versions futures cette fonctionalité


Here is an external program that worked in the past: ArcMAP2SLD 

recently adapted by the developer to support .Net 3.5

In the past it worked for me, but native support is always better and really OCG compliant, which ArcGIS lack on details to my humble meaning


I have tried to create a SLD file from raster and it is not supported. Do you know how to create SLD file from raster?


There have been more than 2,500 views of this idea.

It would be fantastic if viewers could please vote to promote this idea so that it is considered for implementation by ESRI.

My department provides spatial data to the public but they are not all ESRI users.

I would also really like to provide our spatial data display to the non esri users.

An ArcGIS tool to convert my layer files to an open source SLD format would solve this.

I would prefer to not have to load other software to do this conversion.

Thanks ESRI - in anticipation!


I'm sure there are big difficulties trying to convert all the intricate stuff you can do in ESRI symbology to the SLD format. Probably impossible. However, I still want it



I highly doubt there would be big difficulties.  ESRI can export to KML just fine and my guess is that KML files are somewhat similar to SLD.


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@KoryKramer is this something ESRI will consider (like yesterday), there are thousands of views and  when combined with the other idea over 100 votes!

Large organisations such as the FAO all want to use geonetwork\geonode and they want data with SLD style files. ArcPro should really be able to export ESRI layer styles and read SLD. To not be able to read/export SLD is simply pushing everyone towards QGIS...


This idea is linked to this idea.